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Authors Share Their Stories

We have an amazing opportunity to indulge in reading with children. Many of us will not be lucky enough to have a huge array of books to explore and so we have pulled together some websites that enable you to explore stories with their authors


UKLA News Spring 2020

In this edition read about new 2020 Shadowing opportunities for teacher members, UKLA Research Grant Awards, brand new books and dates for your diary.


UKLA Viewpoints: Writing

UKLA believes that writing is not a skill; it’s a craft.


UKLA Viewpoints: Vocabulary

UKLA believes that vocabulary develops as language in use, not by learning words out of context.


UKLA Viewpoints: Teachers and reading

UKLA believes that reading teachers are teachers who read and readers who teach.


UKLA Viewpoints: Talk for learning

UKLA believes that talk is the bedrock of children’s personal, social, cultural, cognitive, creative and imaginative development.


UKLA Viewpoints: Standard English

UKLA believes that standard English is just one dialect of English.

UKLA Viewpoints: Spelling

UKLA believes that children learn to spell through reading, writing and talking about words.


UKLA Viewpoints: Reading comprehension

UKLA believes that comprehension involves what the reader brings to the text as well as what the reader understands from the text.


UKLA Viewpoints: Punctuation

Punctuation shows how to read words and sentences on a page.


UKLA Viewpoints: Multilingualism and home language

UKLA believes that speaking more than one language is an asset.


UKLA Viewpoints: Grammar

UKLA believes that grammar is about how people make sense in speaking or writing.