Teaching Media in Primary Schools cover
Teaching Media in Primary Schools cover

Teaching Media in Primary Schools

Edited by Cary Bazalgette

In an increasingly digital world, media education is an essential part of good teaching, not just as a tool to teach the more traditional aspects of the curriculum, but in its own right as an essential part of literacy. Three dimensions of media education for the 3-11 age range are highlighted in this book: children’s own cultural experiences; the development of critical awareness; and opportunities for creative expression.
Contributions from literacy advisors, leading academics, teacher-trainers and classroom practitioners consider:
• understanding children’s relationships with media and how to build on these constructively
• getting to grips with multimodality
• developing children’s critical skills through watching and analysing moving image media
• broadening children’s experiences of different kinds of media and their media literacy
• creative media activities that promote imaginative thinking and decision-making
• the importance of social networking and social media and how to use these in the classroom.
This book is relevant to all teachers working in primary schools, and will be particularly helpful for Literacy Co-ordinators.

Publisher: SAGE
ISBN-13: 978-1-849-20576-4
Format: Paperback
Published in 2010