SIGs & Networks

The mission of the Teaching Writing SIG is to help all young people become passionate and successful writers.
The ‘Literacy and Multilingualism’ SIG explores both challenges and opportunities linked to multilingualism and literacy development.
The Critical Literacy SIG provides a forum for the exploration of critical literacies in schools and universities, with a focus on how power works in and through communicative practices.
The Early Years Literacy in Education SIG is a forum providing a strong collective voice to develop and promote research-informed practice in early literacy pedagogy.
A forum for Higher Education colleagues to share and discuss innovations in practice and research in ITE for English
The OU and UKLA are supporting over 80 Teachers’ Reading Groups across the UK and beyond in 2018-19.
The UKLA Storytelling SIG, convened by Alastair Daniel (storyteller and lecturer) aims to bring together professionals with an interest in storytelling as not only a fundamental form of oral communication, but also a means of shaping and organising ideas and an effective teaching method.
The network is open to all UKLA members who are currently engaged in Masters or doctoral research