OU/UKLA Teachers’ Reading Groups

The OU and UKLA are supporting over 100 Teachers’ Reading Groups across the UK and beyond.

Norfolk TRG Photo
Teacher's Reading Group, Norfolk

These groups, responding to the findings of the UKLA and OU study Teachers as Readers, provide a space for teachers, student teachers , librarians and others to enrich their understanding of reading for pleasure (RfP) and how to support it. Members use the OU website https://ourfp.org to find out about the research findings and what they mean for practice. They can draw on review documents, research summaries, watch videos, get inspiration from over 200 examples of teachers’ practice and develop and share their own.

The aims of these OU/UKLA groups are:

  1. To foster children’s RfP through supporting adults own RfP and research-informed practice;

2. To support the profession by building an RfP user-community online and off;

3. To share teachers’ resultant development work on website.

Groups are run by volunteer leaders and usually meet after school for approximately 6 sessions across the year.

If you are interested in this free CPD for RFP and want to join a group, check out the nearest to you here: https://ourfp.org/schools-teachers/teachers-reading-groups/

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