Please read the Guidance for Publishers which explains the process and what you are required to do at each stage and pay careful attention to the Book Awards Criteria before submitting using the forms below. There are 4 forms, one for each category. Please ensure you use the correct form and do not mix categories. Submissions will close on June 28th 2024

•       Maximum 3 books per imprint per category.

•       PLUS a maximum of 3 new titles from authors/illustrators/translators previously shortlisted in 2022, 2023 and 2024. For details of these previous shortlists please check here

•       Please note that books must be published for the first time in the UK between June 1st 2023and May 31st 2024.  Books previously published in other countries and translations are eligible. However, reprints and new editions are not eligible.

When you have submitted a form, you will receive an automated response which will include the details of the longlisting panel for each category. This response may go to your spam folder so please do check before sending any queries to

UKLA Book Awards 2025 Submissions for Information Books
UKLA Book Awards 2025 Submissions for 11-14+
UKLA Book Awards 2025 Submissions for 7-10+
UKLA Book Awards 2025 Submissions for 3-6+

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