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Improve your understanding of verb phrases and noun phrases

UKLA believes that grammar is about how people make sense in speaking or writing.
CLPE, NAAE, NATE and UKLA have come together to make a common statement about the curriculum and assessment in English across the whole school age-range. This statement is made up of 6 PDFs available to download.
UKLA has published key professional development activities to support the popular reading and writing fact cards. The activities are designed to support professional development in schools and will be invaluable to literacy leaders in running training and staff meetings. You can download cards on a range of topics, including Grammar, Spelling, Puncuation and Working with stories.

The verb phrase: passives

The National Literacy Strategy suggests that children should be introduced to passives in Y6. However, Jim Crinson feels there should only be limited work on them in primary school.

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