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This is the first article in a new series that demonstrates how grammar can be taught in a rich literature context. The first of the series is being provided as a free resource to coincide with the UKLA Grammar conference. Further resources will be provided on the member’s site. In this first paper, the wonderful book by Carol Ann Duffy called Lost Happy Endings can be used to teach quality grammar in context for a variety of year groups. At the heart of the project was the determination that grammar should be taught in context and through high quality books. Having worked with schools on grammar training in the locality, it had become clear that many teachers lacked the knowledge of what grammar could be explored through real books.

Children’s inference generation across different media

UKLA / Wiley-Blackwell Research in Literacy Education Award: Award Winner – Journal of Research in Reading 2009.
This paper investigated the degree to which children’s inference generation ability generalises across different media and predicts narrative comprehension over and above basic language skills and vocabulary.

Grounded literacies: the power of listening to, telling and performing community stories

UKLA / Wiley-Blackwell Research in Literacy Education Award: Award Winner – Literacy 2011.
This article offers an analysis of community arts to develop an argument about the power of vernacular literacies.
In the context of UKLA’s 50th anniversary and in recognition of Harold Rosen’s rich contribution within the period, this memorial lecture will revisit the ‘irrepressible genre’ of narrative (Rosen, 1984), re-examining its potency as a fundamental mode of thought (Bruner, 1986) an organisational device that enables us to order experience, real and imagined and a space to play and co-create.
UKLA has published key professional development activities to support the popular reading and writing fact cards. The activities are designed to support professional development in schools and will be invaluable to literacy leaders in running training and staff meetings. You can download cards on a range of topics, including Grammar, Spelling, Puncuation and Working with stories.

Let Drama Build Bridges

December 2010 Resource: This article by Teresa Cremin (formerly Grainger) describes ideas about how drama can enliven non-fiction writing.

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