Teachers’ Writing Project Questionnaire

Created by members of the Teaching Writing SIG, this questionnaire is intended as a self-review tool for both teachers and pre-service teachers. The questions are designed to engage you in some introspection and reflection about yourself as a writer and as a teacher of writing. When considering these questions, you will be examining: 

• your personal writing history
• your own attitudes towards writing
• your perceptions of yourself as a writer

This process of self-review, we hope, will help you understand that all these factors have a profound impact on your classroom practice, the writerly environment you create in your classroom, and how you define and enact your role within it, all of which are crucial in developing children as writers.

The questionnaire also offers very practical resources to help you build confidence in your own ability to write, extend your writerly knowledge, find opportunities to write alone or alongside others, and especially to develop yourself as a writer-teacher and so offer children the best possible apprenticeship by bringing your own expertise and pleasure into the writing classroom.

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