UKLA/ Wiley-Blackwell Research in Literacy Education Award 2016 shortlist

Literacy shortlist 2016

Davies, Eleri. Meanings and mess in collaborative participatory research. 49(1), pp. 28-36.

Duncan, Sam. Reading aloud in Lewisham: an exploration of adult reading-aloud practices. 49(2), pp. 84-90.

Magnifico, Alecia Marie; Curwood, Jen Scott and Lammers, Jayne C. Words on the Screen: broadening analyses of interactions among fan-fiction writers and reviewers. 49(3), pp. 158-67.

Skaar, Håvard. Writing and pseudo-writing from Internet-based sources: Implications for learning and assessment. 49(2), pp. 69-76.

Wiltse, Lynne. Not just ‘sunny days’: Aboriginal students connect out-of-school literacy resources with school literacy practices. 49(2), pp. 60-68.

Journal of Research in Reading shortlist 2016

Berenhaus, Molly., Oakhill,J. and Rusted,J. When kids act out: A comparison of embodied methods to improve children’s memory for a story. 38(4), pp. 331-343.

Duff, Fiona., Mengoni, Silvana E., Bailey, Alison M. and Snowling, Margaret J. Validity and Sensitivity of the Phonics Screening Check: Implications for Practice. 38(2), pp. 109-123.

Hume, Laura E., Lonigan, Christopher J. and McQueen, Jessica D. Children’s Literacy Interest and its Relation to Parents’ Literacy-Promoting Practices. 38(2), pp. 172-193.

McGeown, Sarah. Sex or gender identity? Understanding children’s reading choices and motivation. 38(1), pp. 35-46.

Mellard, Daryl F., Woods, Kari L.and McJunkin, L. Literacy components model for at-risk young adults enrolled in career and technical education. 38(3), pp. 249-271.

Rautenberg, Iris. The Effects of Musical Training towards the Decoding Skills of German-speaking Primary School Children. 38(1), pp. 1-17.

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