Diversity and Inclusion: The Brenda Eastwood Award 2022

The Brenda Eastwood Award for good practice in teaching for diversity and inclusion 2022.

Submissions for this award are now open until May 16th 2022 – 12am.  

It is time to reflect on diversity and inclusion in practice. The UKLA is proud to be at the forefront of diversity and inclusion in practice. The winners of the Diversity and Inclusion: The Brenda Eastwood Award will be announced at the UKLA’s International Conference.`

The Diversity and Inclusion: The Brenda Eastwood Award is intended to be given annually to a member of UKLA who is either a school, Early Years practitioner, teacher, HE Tutor or librarian, to recognise good practice in empowering children to respect and appreciate diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, LGBTQ+, socioeconomic status, national origin or age.

About Brenda Eastwood

UKLA created the Diversity and Inclusion: The Brenda Eastwood Award in memory of our much loved friend and colleague who managed our office for many years. Brenda was patient, welcoming, generous, and she was someone who honoured and celebrated diversity. At that time, UKLA was and continues to be keen on expanding the Association’s reach to teachers who might not feel they are part of the UKLA ‘family’. This inspired the Association’s diversity and inclusion initiative. 

After the loss of UKLA’s wonderful colleague, it was particularly relevant to name this award after Brenda as her own life had been devoted to working for inclusion both in the UK and around the world. 

Past Winners 

The panel of judges looks forward to receiving your nominations. Below is a reminder of those who have previously received the award:

In the first year 2018/19 awards were presented to: Rowena Seabrook – Amnesty UK and the Head teacher and Deputy Head teacher of Hillmead Primary, Lambeth for their respective work to enhance learning and teaching for young people locally, nationally and internationally.

In 2019/20, the award had its first joint winners: Farrah Serroukh, Regional Learning Programme Leader, Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) Southwark, and Dr Sabine Little, Lecturer in Education studies (Language Education) and Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy, The University of Sheffield. Both winners had completed research which highlighted the enrichment of diversity to be reflected in literature for children and their families. Another first was a certificate of commendation for a lifetime’s work in inclusion and diversity awarded to Dr. Christine Callender, Associate Professor and Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy, UCL Institute of Education Learning and Leadership, London.

The Panel of Judges is awaiting your nominations for 2022. Please note that applicants need to be members of the association. Deadline for submissions is May 16th 2022 – 12am.

Panel Chair: Janet Douglas Gardner, London Metropolitan University.

Guidance for applicants can be found at the top right hand of this page

For a taste of what we’re looking for, take a look at the 2018 winning entry, from Rowena Seabrook of Amnesty International (download on the right of this page).

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