Storyline: Creative Learning Across the Curriculum

by Carol Omand

Storyline is a teaching methodology. It uses a creative approach to engage learners in purposeful learning through topics. The purpose of this book is to provide background information to Storyline, its philosophy, approach and practical application. Planning grids are provided suggesting ideas for Storyline topics. These can be adapted to meet the needs of the children and the focus of the learning. They include details of the episodes, key questions, activities, organisation, resources, skills and linked assessments.

The Storyline topics include: The Wildlife Garden, The Healthy Café, The Bead, Bag, Box and Card Company and Our Eco-Home.

Within the context of Storyline, there are opportunities for assessment, reflection, professional development and working collaboratively with other colleagues.


Madina Sattar: ‘It is really reader friendly and very practical, easy to use’ 'What is most interesting to me is the experiential learning because it is a powerful approach to learning and teaching, not only during a Storyline’ 'Very practical’ ‘My students found it very interesting’ ‘Your book is great; it will be very valuable for teachers’ ‘It is good to have examples from the different Storyline topics’

ISSN: 978 1 897638 78 1


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