Teaching Through Embodied Learning: Dramatizing Key Concepts from Informational Texts

by Margaret V. Branscombe

Teaching Through Embodied Learning positions drama as an under-utilised but valuable tool for enhancing the learning of information in primary science texts. Creating a `tableau’ is an established drama practice for exploring key moments in fiction texts and historical events but less frequently applied with non-fiction texts. Based on doctoral research that studied the impact of having students create a tableau in response to reading informational texts about the solar system, it presents the idea that using drama with informational texts causes students to read purposefully and respond aesthetically; thus, positively impacting reading behaviour, comprehension and social behaviour. The book addresses the neglect of the body in learning and positions this against a narrow curriculum that is focused on print and `seated learning’. Within a current context, it acknowledges increasing concerns by educational leaders and academics of the need for a `broad and balanced curriculum’ and pedagogical practice. In support of these concerns, the book places tableau as an embodied learning mode that broadens curriculum experience and discusses recent research that highlights the role of drama and the body in enhancing cognition. Teaching Through Embodied Learning will be essential reading for academics, researchers and post-graduate students in the fields of education and drama education. It will also greatly appeal to teacher educators, drama teachers and academics in literacy departments.

ISSN: 978-1138615717
PUBLISHER: Routledge


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