Making Reading Mean

by Vivienne Smith

Have you ever noticed the different ways that children read and respond to texts, and wondered why? Have you ever wanted to analyse how children think about a story and wished that you knew how to help them to think more deeply? This minibook describes some of the ways in which children respond to, and understand, texts. It has been written to help teachers recognise common but unbalanced reading responses and gives valuable advice about how to coach children to engage with reading stories in more effective and balanced ways. This short book will change the way that you think about reading. Book review by Emily Wotton.


This Minibook explores the importance of children understanding the meaning behind the texts that they read. It proposes an interpretive framework, which outlines different types of readers: tangential, ricochet and implosive readers. It goes on to highlight that the most efficient readers are those who are balanced readers and introduces the characteristics of a balanced reader, informing teachers what skills need to be developed. This Minibook then goes on to highlight the importance of talk and thinking in the process of making reading mean. It provides an abundance of methods teachers can adopt to support children in their journey to becoming eloquent readers, for example, encouraging the class to become a community of readers. It is particularly helpful for those in ITT as it highlights the high-status texts and reading should possess in the classroom and practice, which can be embedded in those in ITT’s practice from the outset.

ISSN: 978 1 897638 65 1
PUBLISHER: UKLA Publications


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