Poetry Matters

by Andrew Lambirth

This is a book for teachers and student teachers looking for ways to energise their work with poetry in their classrooms. It sets out to help practitioners realise their own poetic potential and existing knowledge of poetry and rhyme. The book provides dynamic ideas and activities that put power back into poetics and will act as the perfect aid for teachers looking to develop children’s language awareness without the strictures of isolated phonics instruction. Reading, performing, discussing, showing, writing, drawing – it’s all here to make poetry matter for teachers and children.


This mini-book is very informative and bursting with ideas of how to incorporate poetry into the classroom. It aims to improve teacher confidence when teaching poetry by suggesting several different activities for reading, understanding, writing and displaying. There are also suggestions for how to include poetry in the class on a daily basis by giving children constant access to poetry books and poems. I believe this book to be very useful to teachers who lack confidence in teaching poetry due to the amount of fun, creative and engaging activities mentioned. It also steers away from the common misconception that all poems must rhyme and instead focuses on poetry as something that makes sense to the individual reader. I highly recommend reading this for some inspiration in teaching poetry or for anyone who lacks in motivation and confidence to teach it.

ISBN: 13 978 1897638 40 8
PUBLISHER: UKLA Publications


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