Reading Magazines with a Critical Eye in the Primary School

by Carolyn Swain

Magazines are a popular leisure read for young people, and are devoured both at home and in the playground, yet they do not necessarily have equal status with other texts in the classroom.  This Minibook explores how teachers can bridge the gap between home and school literacy through including magazines in the reading repertoire. Their inclusion raises the status of reading for pleasure and choice in the curriculum, whilst retaining a focus on exploring issues that relate to magazine reading.  In particular, this Minibook considers the power that magazines hold to shape identity and the impact of these popular cultural texts on pupils’ reading of the world around them. It explores the challenges that face the modern reader and suggests a range of activities to meet those demands within a supportive classroom context.

This book is associated with a free resource Critical Reading of Magazines courtesy of Egmont.”


Recent studies have shown that magazines are the most popular home read for young people.  This Minibook gives some timely and extremely practical guidance about how to build on children’s enjoyment of their reading out of the classroom in ways that can enhance their pleasure and help develop their critical eye. It includes a particularly useful listing of the broad range of magazines available to young readers, along with the suggested age range and typical content, which will be invaluable to anyone not familiar with the field. A section on magazines as multimodal texts and how they are constructed also provides practical guidance on exploring these texts with children. Clear links are made to the Primary Framework to further support teachers.

Mary Ann Wolpert, independent consultant, Cambridgeshire

ISSN: 978 1 897638 51 4
PUBLISHER: UKLA Publications


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