Reading motivation and engagement in the primary school classroom

by Sarah P. McGeown

Educational success is supported by children’s ability to read proficiently, as most school subjects rely on reading skills. As reading motivation is associated with children’s reading skills and development, identifying ways to boost children’s motivation to read is crucial. By drawing on a substantial body of research, this minibook provides an in-depth account of current theory and research into children’s reading motivation and shows how it relates to reading skills and activities. In addition, gender differences in reading motivation, differences between high and low attaining readers and age related changes in children’s motivation to read are discussed, alongside practical suggestions to target reading motivation interventions most effectively. Finally, by drawing on current theory and research, this minibook provides practical suggestions for teachers on how to enhance children’s motivation to read in the classroom.


This UKLA Minibook provides an excellent backdrop for teachers, linking relevant theory to practical examples in a very concise and accessible format. The book itself can be used as a tool to support teachers to reflect on their practice in order to ensure that reading motivation is promoted within their classrooms. The book offers some brilliant strategies for teachers to use to promote children’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. There are also strategies suggested based on individual differences in reading motivation. This Minibook is a starting point in understanding how to promote children’s reading motivation. Book review by Rosie Clara White

ISSN: 978-1-897638-71-2
PUBLISHER: UKLA Publications


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