REVISED: Classroom Action Research in Literacy: a Guide to Practice

by Eve Bearne, Lynda Graham and Jackie Marsh

Over recent years there has been increasing emphasis on research projects where teachers and practitioners look carefully at their own practice in order to make changes. Action research means gathering evidence of what is currently happening in your own setting and evaluating and adjusting approaches in the light of reflection. This book aims to support the process of investigating – and changing – practice in literacy teaching, offering guidance, formats for recording and analysing information and providing case study examples of teachers’ action projects.


This mini book is an excellent resource for supporting any teacher who wants to embark on an action research project.  It breaks the process of action research down very clearly and uses concrete examples of teachers’ experiences to illustrate the process.  The book highlights the value of keeping a reflective diary to record the process and the importance this plays in shaping the course of your research.  It concludes with some helpful suggestions of how you could disseminate your findings.  At the end of each chapter there is a helpful review which makes this a very user friendly book that can be dipped into. 

Action research is focused way for teachers to reflect on their current practice and to consider ways to address a specific problem or need within their class.  This books is concise and easy to read and will encourage anyone who is unsure of the process to give it a go.

As a teacher who has just finished a cycle of action research I wish this book had been available to me as I was starting out as it would have been an invaluable resource. 

ISSN: 9781912912001
PUBLISHER: UKLA Publications


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