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Teaching Grammar Effectively at Key Stage 1

by Eve Bearne, Rebecca Kennedy

 and David Reedy

Following the successful Teaching Grammar Effectively in Primary Classrooms, UKLA has developed a book focusing on the key stage 1 grammar curriculum.

Why teach grammar at key stage 1?

The answer is the same for any age group: when you know how language works, you have choices about how best to get your message across. Teaching explicitly about aspects of grammar helps young writers to make those choices effectively, particularly if carried out in the context of meaning. In addition, it is easier to help children be more reflective readers and writers if teachers and pupils have a shared language to talk about how language works.

The materials cover all the grammatical features and terminology that children are required to know and use in the national curriculum for English explained through:

  • Case studies by teachers
  • Vignettes of practice
  • Terminology checks
  • Quick and easy practical examples

All the examples and suggestions are based on the REDM process of teaching grammar in context:

Reading and investigation
Explicit teaching
Discussion and experimentation
Making controlled writing choices

The materials cover all the grammatical features and terminology that children are required to know and use in the National Curriculum:

  • Year 1: Letter, capital letter, word, singular, plural, sentence, punctuation, full stop, question mark, exclamation mark
  • Year 2: Noun, noun phrase, statement, question, exclamation, command, compound, suffix, adjective, adverb, verb, tense (past, present), apostrophe, comma
  • Year 3: Preposition, conjunction, word family, prefix, clause, subordinate clause, direct speech, consonant, consonant letter, vowel, vowel letter, inverted commas (or ‘speech marks’)


ISSN: 978 1910543 54 2


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